Yamile's Beginnings

Yamile Mendez's love for storytelling began at a young age when she would read fairy tales and classics. When she ran out of books at home, she started creating her own stories and sharing them with her friends and siblings. As they grew tired of listening, she began writing her stories down, and her passion for storytelling and books never waned.

Yamile Mendez was born and raised in Rosario, Argentina, and her first language is Spanish. She learned English as a young child using an English-Spanish dictionary. Her bilingual abilities allow her to reach a wider audience with her writing.

Yamile Mendez decided to become a professional writer in her late 20s when she was already a mother. She initially joined a critique group with friends who shared the same dream and eventually went back to school to obtain her master's degree in writing.

Literary Collection

You can find Yamile Mendez's books in libraries or at any location where books are sold. She has written more than 20 books and short stories for various age groups, from picture books to adult novels, in anthologies.

Yamile Mendez hopes that readers will see themselves reflected in her characters or the situations they go through. She also hopes that if readers come from different backgrounds, they may gain a new perspective on the world through her writing.

Yamile Mendez tends to write about topics such as home, friendship, where we come from, and our purpose in life. She believes these themes allow her to make connections with people, as stories are a powerful way for humans to connect with one another.