Wish Upon A Stray

Scholastic Inc. (August 3, 2021)

A heartwarming and authentic immigration story about a stray dog, the power of music, and celebrating old traditions along with new beginnings.

María Emilia has just immigrated to the US from Argentina, and jumping into seventh grade in Red Ledges, Utah, is not easy. Speaking English all day turns out to be really hard, as is making a whole new set of friends,

Her saving grace is the stray dog she discovers in her backyard, especially since it looks and acts like the beloved pet cat she used to have in Argentina. Eventually, it turns out the dog isn’t a stray after all — she belongs to Emilia’s new neighbor, Donovan. In order to spend more time with the dog (who totally isn’t her reincarnated cat… right?), she agrees to join Donovan’s band.

But can Emilia find her new voice in the US without losing herself?

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About the Author

Yamile (sha-MEE-lay) is an Argentine-American author. She’s the mother of 5 kids and 2 adorable dogs. Yamile’s an inaugural Walter Dean Meyers Grant recipient, a graduate of Voices of our Nation (VONA) and the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA Writing for Children program.